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Intermarine Ship Survey & Inspection Services

Our Servıces

Marine survey services

- Bunker Quantity Survey

- On / Off Hire Bunker Survey

- OBQ / ROB Cargo Survey

- Hold Condition Survey

- Damage Survey

- Pre - Loading Cargo Survey

- Suitability Survey

- PandI Correspondent Attendances

- Tally Survey / Port Captain Services

- Cargo Sampling & Analysis

- Vessel Sale & Purchase Survey

- Draft & Cargo Quality Survey

- Sealing / Unsealing Services

- Tank Passivation

- Sludge / Residue Measurements

- Underwater Hull Inspections

- Lashing / Unlashing Certificate

- Gas Free Certificate

- NIL Certificate

What We Do

Vessel berthing with surveyor

Inspection:  Multi-level inspection and advanced verification services, including examining the cargo condition & weight at the time of transshipment, reporting back in great detail, while abiding by the regional regulations which apply in each district and market.

Certification:  We certify that your overall activity complies with the existent national and global regulations and guidelines of your customer, providing the credentials required.

Verification:  We verify that your activity is compliant with the international laws, as well as local restrictions. Our vast experience in the Maritime field ensures your best interest both on a local and global level, in each stage from production to distribution of goods.   

Our Mıssıon

Mooring arrengements


Mainly our proficiency is to perform onboard On/Off-Hire and condition surveys at the ports of Turkey and all ports around the world tru sub-contracted branch offices.

Bunker quantity survey attendances during operation at transit passage on Bosphorus anchorage area besides at all Turkish ports and straits with purpose to discover additional hidden or undeclared bunkers onboard, in order to act for the economical benefit of the Charterer or Operator.

During PandI attendances our main goal and business tradition keeping us to act as independent third party inspector according to related checklist guidances with purpose of identify the real nature of present condition without taking care of any interest.

Our Clientele